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An async/await executor designed for embedded usage.

  • No alloc, no heap needed. Task futures are statically allocated.
  • No “fixed capacity” data structures, executor works with 1 or 1000 tasks without needing config/tuning.
  • Integrated timer queue: sleeping is easy, just do Timer::after(Duration::from_secs(1)).await;.
  • No busy-loop polling: CPU sleeps when there’s no work to do, using interrupts or WFE/SEV.
  • Efficient polling: a wake will only poll the woken task, not all of them.
  • Fair: a task can’t monopolize CPU time even if it’s constantly being woken. All other tasks get a chance to run before a given task gets polled for the second time.
  • Creating multiple executor instances is supported, to run tasks with multiple priority levels. This allows higher-priority tasks to preempt lower-priority tasks.


  • Raw executor.


  • RISCV32 Executor
  • Handle to spawn tasks into an executor from any thread.
  • Token to spawn a newly-created task in an executor.
  • Handle to spawn tasks into an executor.


Attribute Macros

  • Creates a new executor instance and declares an application entry point for RISC-V spawning the corresponding function body as an async task.
  • Declares an async task that can be run by embassy-executor. The optional pool_size parameter can be used to specify how many concurrent tasks can be spawned (default is 1) for the function.